Adding Detectable And Antimicrobial Properties To Conveyor Belting Systems

With processes becoming increasingly automated in the production industry, the demand is high for reliable belting which can offer improved protection against potential foreign body contamination.

SCOPIC masterbatches and compounds can provide metal and X-Ray detectable qualities in the finished belt material, by incorporation at manufacturing stage into polymeric and composite materials, as well as top-layer coatings.

Metal and X-Ray detectable additives are primarily used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, to impart detectable properties into plastic consumables should any fragment end up on the production line. Typically, these are items such as pens, clipboards and cable ties, although this list is increasing rapidly as health and safety legislation is brought further into the spotlight.

Solutions are available for all commonly used materials in modular belting, including TPU and plasticised PVC; for solid belting utilising a coating, a range of additives can be provided to suit your process.

Detectable compounds can, if required, include an antimicrobial from SteriTouch®, which will provide lifelong antibacterial properties to the belting material. SteriTouch®, when used alongside a normal cleaning regime, will reduce the risk of cross contamination from bacteria such as E.Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Antimicrobials are ideal for use in hygienic sectors such as food processing where the permanent protection will remain effective for the lifetime of the belt.

Facilities at the site in South Wales include tensile, impact and environmental testing, along with metal detection equipment. Development work is carried out in-house, including moulding and extrusion. Send us a sample of your material and we’ll find you a solution.

For more information about how SCOPIC can work in your products, give is a call on 01495 211400

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