Introduction to detectables

Detectable plastic and rubber products are fast becoming the standard in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Metal and X-Ray detectable additives are used in everyday factory items such as cable ties, pens, spatulas and plasters to allow the identification of a piece of material should it become detached; long before reaching the consumer.

Scopic provides additives for use in any product requiring detectability, suitable for use in any material. They can be any combination of X-Ray opaque, metal detectable, laser detectable and antimicrobial, through the use of SteriTouch®.

With the use of a densifying powder, fragments of an X-Ray detectable product will display as opaque under X-Ray machinery. X-Ray detectable products have historically been used in the healthcare and veterinary sectors; however they are now becoming increasingly popular in food processing, where they can be combined with metal detectable properties.

With health and safety legislation becoming tighter, and the publicity and expense that a product recall entails, it’s no wonder that businesses are protecting themselves with detectable products in the production environment. Detectable products can also help your business comply with HACCP requirements.

Food Processing

We’ve all seen stories about rogue plastic being found in food, but how is this prevented? All plastic consumables in the factory such as spatulas, pens and modular conveyor belting can be manufactured with metal/X-Ray detectable properties. If a plastic or rubber item, or a fragment of it, becomes detached, the detectors fitted on the production line will automatically reject the contaminated material. Metal detectable products can be ‘food blue’ or any other dark colour due to the metal content, whereas X-Ray detectable products can be much more flexible in their final colour, as the dense additive is usually a white powder.

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