Manufacturing Capabilities

Our in house extrusion and mixing facilities enable us to react swiftly to customer requirements and maintain precise control over our proprietary formulations.

Polymer Extrusion, Compounding & Moulding

Our extrusion capabilities take the pressure off, running trials with standard polymer or your bespoke material and developing this into full production.

Using our Boy & Arburg injection moulding machines, we are able to mould test-pieces in-house, allowing for the subsequent characterisation and development of mechanical, thermal, electrical, antimicrobial etc properties. This ensures a streamlined and efficient development process for customer specific projects.

Silicone & Rubber Compounding

As part of our developmental process, we are able to offer detectable masterbatches for silicone and rubber, which embed metal and/or X-ray detectable properties into the end material. Such masterbatches are manufactured from a range of well refined detectable additives which have been proven to seamlessly combine with a wide range of existing base materials including NBR, SBR, natural rubber and silicone.

Whatever your materials challenge, we will provide the solution.

On-site Manufacturing Capabilities

We believe that we are the best people to manufacture our products and while we are happy to work with compounders, we have the in-house capabilities to meet most masterbatch requirements with capacity of up to 2 tonnes per shift.

Our 30mm extruder has beenheavily modified for running particularly troublesome materials while a Thermo Fisher bench-top lab extruder is on hand for small trials and ongoing research & development.

We also have two injection moulding machines with a variety of tools to produce test plaques for antimicrobial testing, dog-bones for tensile testing and bars for impact testing.

For silicone mixing we utilise two Winkworth z-blade mixers and a lab-scale 2-roll mill.

Our Machinery

36mm Kerke twin screw extruder
30mm Baker-Perkins twin screw extruder
16mm Thermo Fisher twin screw extruder
Arburg 50 tonne Allrounder injection moulder
Boy 15 tonne injection moulder
Winkworth 50 litre z-blade mixtruder
Winkworth 11 litre lab-scale Z-blade mixer
Lab 2-roll mill (x 2)

Start a project with us...

We thrive on challenges and are proud of our reputation as a company that can succeed where others have failed. Whether you have a new application or need help with an existing product, we would be delighted to hear from you.