Metal Detectable Additives For The Food Production And Packaging Sectors

A range of metal detectable masterbatches and compounds under the SCOPIC brand has been developed for use in food production environments and packaging, where foreign objects entering the supply chain can cause catastrophic issues for manufacturers, with production often grinding to a halt. Fragments of consumables found in these areas such as pens, seals and cable ties can shear and enter the production line which, left undetected, can lead to expensive recalls and unease amongst suppliers and consumers.

Equipment moulded from Scopic metal detectable masterbatches or compounds can be identified by modern detection equipment should any part enter the production line by accident. The size of material which can be detected is limited only by the detector itself. Detectable additives are used in a variety of situations, to maintain HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements, protect against expensive recalls and safeguard consumers and brand reputation.

There are many different cost-effective detectable options available, and with our in-house technical facilities we can also develop a solution specifically for your material or application. With our metal detectable solutions, a special grade of stainless steel is converted into an ultra-fine powder and extruded into a polymer masterbatch or a ready-qualified compound, in order to mould products which can be picked up by an industrial metal detector.

As a further line of defence in the food production environment, our metal detectable masterbatches and compounds are also available for polymers and silicones with SteriTouch antimicrobial protection. Based on ionic silver and food contact approved, end products will be permanently protected against mould and harmful bacteria such as E.Coli, Listeria and Salmonella.

For more information about how SCOPIC can work in your products, give is a call on 01495 211400

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