For assisting with product safety in the food/pharmaceutical sectors, SCOPIC masterbatches are a trusted and efficient way of adding metal and/or x-ray detectable properties to a wide range of plastics.

Detectable performance can be added to injection moulded, extruded or sintered materials and components.  However, such performance is not limited to plastics and SCOPIC masterbatch solutions are also available for silicones and rubbers (NR, NBR, SBR etc).  Such masterbatches are manufactured from a range of well refined detectable additives and either generic or customer specific/supplied base elastomers.


SCOPIC detectable solutions have been proven to seamlessly combine with a wide range of existing base materials and, via standard mixing techniques, efficiently generate metal and/or x-ray detectable rubber/silicone compound ready for subsequent processing.  The addition of such masterbatches allows the flexibility of continued use of existing materials and eliminates the need to externally source and stock specific detectable compound/sheeting.


End applications for such materials would typically be in the food industry for items such as seals, gaskets, matting etc and, as with all SCOPIC products, the goal is to help to prevent fragments of such components from entering the consumer chain and businesses to comply with HACCP requirements.


Full support is available throughout the development stage, including metal detection testing of final compounds. Detectable fillers can cause brittleness in the end material, SCOPIC materials have been developed to mitigate any increased risk of shearing, and technical testing is in place on site including tensile, impact and environmental.


For more information on detectable solutions call 01495211400 or email Chris Vince, R&D Manager,

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