Further to the recent launch of the Konduct brand of thermal polymers, SteriTouch has installed a laser flash machine at its site in South Wales.

The Netzsch LFA447 flash machine utilises a technique whereby the front face of a sample is heated by a light pulse from a xenon source and the subsequent temperature rise on the rear surface is measured using an infrared detector.

Analysis of the resulting data allows thermal diffusivity of the material to be determined and, in conjunction with measured values of specific heat and density, also the thermal conductivity.  The flash method allows for considerably faster measurements than more traditional steady-state methods.

The acquisition of the laser flash machine will enable SteriTouch to support the development of the Konduct brand of thermally conductive polymers by allowing accurate and rapid measurement of thermal diffusivity/conductivity at temperatures up to 300 °C.

Konduct has been launched to service the demand for plastic products which can dissipate heat. The end material is suitable for the automotive and electronic sectors, in applications such as LED lighting and motor housings.

Sourcing of the laser flash machine was made possible with financial support from the European Union via the Smart Cymru 2014-2020 West Wales and the Valleys programme.

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