Calomax Eclipse Hot Water Boiler

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The Eclipse range from Calomax is a selection of modern wall-mounted and counter-top water boilers with the added benefit of SteriTouch antimicrobial protection.

The boilers, available in a choice of white or brushed stainless finishes, offer affordable access to instant hot water.  With immediate draw-offs and a large hourly capacity, the range is ideal for public areas requiring large volumes quickly.

Manufactured in the UK with easy-service features and an energy saving function, the Eclipse range offers advantages that far outweigh cost. Add to this an extended warranty and the benefits are obvious.

One thing that isn’t so obvious is the microscopic bacteria that build up on kitchen equipment, unsurprising when it comes into daily contact with many different people, allowing cross-contamination to occur in areas that should be kept especially clean.

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The dispensing levers on all Eclipse models have been moulded with SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatch at the point of manufacture, proven to reduce harmful bacteria by 99.99%. Despite the lever being used continually, the inherent antibacterial qualities will remain effective for the lifetime of the product. This feature is of significant benefit in public areas such as hospitals and schools, where the risk of cross-infection is high.

The counter-top models also feature a removable drip tray containing SteriTouch, resulting in bacteria and mould being unable to build up in the stagnant water in the tray, which is often overlooked in cleaning regimes.

The added protection of SteriTouch, an ionic silver-based technology, makes Calomax Eclipse boilers an easy choice amongst businesses, local authorities and healthcare institutions.

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