Antimicrobial Strip Curtains



Strip Curtains Direct has launched an antimicrobial PVC strip curtain to target the cleanroom sector. A robust and effective thermal barrier, strip curtains also regulate temperature and airflow, playing an important role in the cleanroom manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food and electronics. 

Hygiene remains an important factor in the cleanroom environment, where foreign body or microbial contamination can equate to expensive recalls and potential legal consequences. Working closely with Derbyshire-based Vinyl Compounds and antimicrobial brand SteriTouch, Strip Curtains Direct has produced a range of PVC strip curtains with antimicrobial protection to resist the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould.

Incorporated into the PVC compound at the point of manufacture, SteriTouch additives become an integral part of the end material, working continuously and effectively against microbes for the product’s usable lifetime.

PVC strip curtains have been used for many years throughout the processing and production sectors, selected for their thermal qualities, whilst reducing noise and airflow. However, the use of any fixed consumables such as curtains in high traffic areas combined with a lack of routine cleaning can allow for cross contamination.

Antimicrobial strip curtains can offer real added value in the cleanroom, according to Andrew Alty, Managing Director of Strip Curtains Direct:

“PVC Strip curtains have for a long time been used in cleanroom environments, regulating temperature and forming necessary barriers against unwanted pollutants, particularly in areas of high traffic. Knowing that SteriTouch incorporate their antimicrobial additives into other PVC products commonly found in the cleanroom environment, it made logical sense for Strip Curtains Direct to begin doing the same with our product.

When you take into consideration the fact that our product can come into contact with so many different surfaces, the likelihood of cross contamination is alarmingly high, especially when effective cleaning standards are not always maintained.

Where PVC Strip Curtains are used in cleanrooms or any environment where hygiene is critical, our antimicrobial range should really be used as standard. ”

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